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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Isaac Greenlaw who was born in New York on January 27, 2006 and passed away on July 25, 2006 when he was just too squirmy and pulled the corner of his fitted crib sheet off the mattress, getting entangled in it, and suffocating some time between 5:45 am and 8:45 am (when his mommy found him and performed CPR). It takes only 3 minutes for a healthy infant to suffocate according to the medical examiner. His Daddy gave him a bottle around 3am and all was fine, when his Mama got home she went to check on him expecting to find him sleeping (as it wasn't uncommon for him to sleep 6 hours after having a bottle), but instead he had gotten tangled in the crib sheet and his Mama saw his little legs, blue and mottled. While Daddy called 911, Mommy, a nurse, did CPR desperately trying to revive him. The GVEMS arrived within 2 minutes and took over CPR, neighbors rushed over to escort Isaac's 6 yr.old big brother out of the house, family and pastors from our church (The Father's House) met us at Strong. The fine doctors and nurses of the Peds ED worked on him and in a short time pronounced him dead. The fantastic nurse manager contacted our nurse managers and we were immediately supported by some of our fellow co-workers who grieved will us as well. For 6 hrs we were able to hold Isaac and his big brother like no other, Tyler, got to say good-bye for now.  

Please do not use fitted crib sheets, even if you think they fit properly. There are safety crib sheets out there. Check out QuickZip safety sheets at An alternative option is to get Hold On sheet straps at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Ironing Board Cover Straps at Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann Fabric to secure sheets across each corner below the mattress; but monitoring the elasticity, ensuring the clips are in place securely - ultimately utilizing the QuickZip sheets that fully enclose around the crib mattress.

Channel 10 did a news broadcast about Isaac and the sheets in July of 2007 you may remember, in 2008 there was a 1/4 pg ad in the GV Pennysaver you may have seen that you may remember, in 2009 and the 2 previous years we went around doing random acts of kindness in Isaac's memory- hoping to make people smile like Isaac often did. In 2010 we spread the message of crib sheet safety and keeping his memory alive with 3 billboards (maybe you saw them).

Crib Sheets are not the only danger, other bedding such as blankets are as well. For an alternative option purchase a Halo sleep sack -also available at Buy Buy Baby.
Some may call it paranoia, we say if we had these features in place we would still have our child on earth with us. 

We were very careful parents, some might even call us neurotically paranoid, not to mention I was a CPR instructor & am a nurse, and his Daddy worked in an ICU.

He was a blessing from God- after multiple negative pregnancy tests, we had our pastor pray over us and the very next day the test said positive. 
We chose to name him Isaac Daniel for biblical purposes and because my husband had waited so long to have a baby. Daniel is also my father-in-law's name and it has biblical influences.

His big brother was very excited and had a paper chain to count down his brother's arrival. He maintained that loving connection to Isaac's grave, burying an old cell phone with him so "he could call him in heaven"

We had a fantastic funeral for Isaac, celebrating his life and giving God the glory for his life and for the multitude of "God" moments we experienced to let us know we were not forsaken during our journey.

We will remember him forever.

Isaac donated the gift of life to 2 other babies at Golisano's Children's Hospital at Strong by sharing his heart valves. Click here to see how you can be a hero If Isaac can do it so can you!

Grief is a journey that comes in seasons, there is no end. I am confident that the Lord will use our mess and make it our message!

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Hi my sweet boy. I can't believe its beem 12 years since you were born. I miss you with all my heart. I know you are in a great place. I think of you everyday and i am so glad you blessed me those 6 months. Love you always. Love Daddy
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His legacy
Poem Isaac's Daddy wrote for him and read at the funeral and more  
Baby Isaac

You came into our lives like an angel straight to heaven; Bringing joy, love, and smiles twenty four seven.

We were so proud of you at how quick you grew.
You had two teeth-ers, were holding your own bottle, and crawling before we knew.

You always grinned at us when with “stinky winkies” your diaper was filled.
You zoomed around our house so confident, at ease, and strong willed.

You were so smart you knew how to use your smile and your charms.
You said “pick me up” when you looked at us with very opened arms.

You were a little billy-goat because you tried to climb over our shoulders, and anything else at any opportunity. Your chair, the toys and Tyler’s pictures were your chew victims; you had a wide variety.

Just like a little puppy you chewed and drooled, and drooled and chewed.
You were so cute opening your mouth wide at the airplane sound when we were giving you starter food.

Sweet baby your smile was so infectious it melted our very souls,
Warming up all our hearts like fiery hot coals.

We nicknamed you “Mister-Mister, Fussle-butt, Chompers, Curious George, Billy-goat, and Ike.”
You were so adorable and perfect that everyone who knew you; did like.

To the baby sitter you grinned at them and gave them a surprise.
A wonderful golden shower; you were aiming for their eyes.

When we talked to you would hit your legs in excitement and grinned from ear to ear.
And as you learned each new task you did it without any fear.

When it came time to change your diaper there was a lesson you wanted me to learn.
How to change your diaper while you did a 180 degree turn?

Isaac wonderful Isaac, your smell was innocent and pure
it will remain ingrained into our senses for eternity I’m sure.

We chuckled at you whenever you sucked on your big toe.
In your place up there in heaven they’re laughing already; we know.

You always seemed to know that special time to puke,
On Grandma’s shirt, or at your dedication ceremony, I am sure it was not a fluke.

You loved your big brother and played with him with sheer delight.
You smiled at everyone you saw, like a ray of heavenly light.

We don’t know the reason why God took you from us in such a short period of time.
Maybe heaven needed you more, to help the angels shine.

You were always extremely happy it was contagious and it enveloped everyone around.
It surrounded them, embraced them and filled them with happiness abound.

You’ll be so missed here on Earth it’s you we all did love. I hope that you smile at us while you are above.

When God took you from us we felt terrified, sucked into a dark hole.
Like a vortex we felt trapped, our lives were spinning out of control.

We wish you were still here with us, as our hearts have been thoroughly crushed.
But God has taken you into his hands; your face; his fingers have brushed.

So gently, he will care for you, and place you with the angels that he trusts.
When we die you will run to us for your memory never rusts.

As you took your ride on an angel’s wings with the wind blowing through your curl;
I’m sure you giggled and smiled and made the angel’s happiness unfurl.

We had visions of the wonderful boy that we knew that you would be.
We will miss you and love you for all eternity.

We love you and miss you Isaac, thank you for blessing us with the best six months of our lives.


Our sweet Isaac just barely 6 months old, there is so much about him we wish you all could know the following is some of it:
• His favorite color was red
• He chewed everything sometimes “attack dog style”
• He chewed a bite out of his brother’s art project
• When you held him he would open and close his little hand on your shoulder or arm opening and closing his fingers.
• He learned to roll at 1 month old
• Just before 5 months he got his 1st 2 teeth (in the same week)
• 2 weeks later he mastered crawling
• He ate like his daddy “a lot and often”
• When we would feed him spooned fruits he would have his mouth open wide as we did the “airplane”
• He held his own bottle at 4 months
• Like a billy goat he would climb up and over your shoulder
• He had a distinctive face he made when he was making “stinky winkies” then would smile at you.
• He drooled like a St. Bernard
• He loved the Noggin TV show “Oobi”
• He was a big fan of his car sear mobile
• Isaac loved his Exersaucer-he seemed more interested in the cup holder than the toys on it.
• He never sat still – he would twist and turn trying to get out of his car seat, stroller, or swing.
• He was calmed by the moving vehicle and if it stopped he would cry.
• He would fall asleep on Daddy in a “tree hugging” position
• He was a little puke baby-we called him Ralphy and he managed to get his grandmothers shirts
• Mommy called him “mister-mister, lil’bubba, chompers, and her little woodchuck
• Daddy called him “buddy and troublemaker”
• His grandfather’s called him “fusel butts and Ike”
• The first few months we all thought he beared resemblance to Curious George
• Everyone agreed he looked like a mini-me of his Daddy
• He enjoyed taking walks
• He smiled at everyone all the time
• When he was in mommy’s belly he boogied to the praise and worship music at church.
• Isaac would light up at the sight of his big brother
• Isaac is helping other families not have to experience the anguish we have by donating his heart valves to other babies who need them.
• Isaac also donated his cord blood rich in stem cells to be used for research to test drugs to possibly treat myeloid leukemia.

All of those who knew Isaac have truly been blessed.
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